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The best shipping methods:
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Flat Rate Envelope $6.45 = this envelope can fit 2 lbs of Roasted Beans or 2 lbs of Ground coffee.
Flat Rate Padded Envelope = $6.80 can fit 2 lbs of Roasted Beans + 2 colanders
Medium Flat Rate Box $13.45 = this box can fit up to 6 lbs of Roasted Beans or 8 lbs of Ground coffee.
Large Flat Rate Box $18.75 = this box can fit up to 8 lbs of Roasted Beans or 12 lbs of Ground coffee.

To save on shipping costs - We recommend placing your order with our ORDER FORM - We'll calculate the cheapest shipping cost and send you an invoice - SAVE on SHIPPING COSTS

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A guide to ordering and shipping:  We do not stock-pile our coffee.  When placing your order please keep in mind that Tuesday is the day our coffee ships out of the farm in Maricao and we receive it on or before Saturday.  We need your help so that we can bring you the freshest coffee from the mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico to your door.  Please place your order before 3:00PM ET on Mondays to be included in the Tuesday batch of freshly roasted coffee. Your order will be shipped out to you on or before Saturday and you should receive it in two-three business days thereafter.  Holidays are not counted and bear in mind unforeseen circumstances that may delay shipping by the USPS and the farmer.  We will not place your order with the farmer until we receive your payment and we will make every effort to ship your order out as soon as possible upon receiving it from the farmer. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Customers Testimonials

  1. "Thank you for sending the 8 oz. bag of gourmet beans. I received it today and when I opened it I noticed the aroma and quality of the beans immediately. These are roasted to a darker color, the way I like them, and are much fresher than other beans I have received from other sources. I ground some fine and made a double espresso in my pump machine. Ah!.....this is what Cafe de Puerto Rico should be all about! Wonderful, with a slight chocolate aftertaste."

  2. "Hola, Estuve leyendo su pagina sobre el café que se vende en los E.U. y tienen mucha razón. Yo llevo 10 años viviendo en los E.U. y por ejemplo el café Yaucano que se compra en el supermercado no tiene el mismo sabor que el de Puerto Rico. Lo que sabe es a café collor, un café sin aroma y sin sabor, un café muerto y hay otras marcas que dicen que son 'elaborado en Puerto Rico' y son mezcla de Dios sabe de donde. A mi no me cogen, yo vengo del Barrio Caonillas de Utuado y mi abuelo cultivaba café en sus 82 cuerdas. Las cuerdas están pero lo que no hay es quien trabaje. No aparecen cogedores. Yo he comprado café de todas marcas y todavía en los 10 años que llevo aquí ninguno de esos cafés me llega ni a los tobillos. Por lo tanto voy a ordenar una libra con ustedes para probar. Les deseo lo mejor y que dios bendiga a Puerto Rico, que tanto extraño. Salud."

  3. Received this order on Tuesday...USPS worked as it should this time. Your coffee is fabulous--both the ground and the beans...we enjoy it often. I am sharing it with everybody in my family. You will get more orders from us!!! How is it the world does not know more about this coffee from PR???

To preserve the natural aroma and flavor of our coffee - we recommend to use the entire content of the bag as soon as possible once the bag has been opened - and to squeeze the air from the bag and close it tightly and place it in airtight container and store in the fridge or freezer after every use.

You must be aware of the many factors that influence the brewing of the “perfect” cup of coffee and that “perfect” is relative to each individual’s taste and expectations. What’s perfect to you might not necessarily be perfect to someone else. You must also be aware that not everyone prepares their brew the same way and consequently they will get different results. It’s very easy to ruin the “perfect” brew. We have done our part in bringing to you Cafe Real. We take pride in growing and selecting and processing the Arabica beans that we know meet or exceed the qualities we demand. With this in mind we wish you the best in brewing the “perfect” cup. And, if at first you don't get the flavor you want - try a different method of brewing, if you grind your own try more or less coarse grind, more or less ground, more or less water, try varying the water temperature, try cooking the brew more or less time, etc. Good Luck!

We only sell Café Real de Puerto Rico® with our seal of distinction.  We do not sell coffee from the big roasting companies.  We only sell coffee that we can guarantee to be from farms in Puerto Rico.  You will not find the following coffees in our website:  Cafe Yaucono, Yauco Selecto or Select, Cafe Rico, Cafe Crema, Cafe Pilon, Cafe Bustelo, Cafe el Morro, Alto Grande, Monte Bello, Tres Picachos, Rubi, Oro Negro, and other brands from big roasters sold in supermarkets.

We ship our coffee via the USPS

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