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Cultivated in the shade
in the high altitude mountains of Maricao Puerto Rico
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A Super-premium Select hand picked Arabica Coffee as good or better than Gourmet


Ground Roasted Ready for brewing 16oz $10.50
Ready for brewing
16 oz. $11.50

Roasted Beans Ready for grinding 16oz $10.00
Roasted Bean
Ready for grinding
16 oz. $11.50

Colador de Cafe
coffee colander
$3.25 ea.

Coffee is! A Health Food?

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At we specialize in Arabica Coffee beans cultivated in the coffee region of Puerto Rico.  We are not a warehouse that stock-pile beans from every nook and cranny of the world nor do we sell Puerto Rico wholesale roasters supermarket coffee brands like Cafe Yaucono, Cafe Rico, Cafe Crema, Cafe Rioja, Alto Grande, Yauco Selecto, and the many other supermarket brands that buy coffee in other parts of the world and then sell it as Puerto Rico Coffee.  Our Cafe Real de Puerto Rico coffee comes with our seal of approval and guarantee that signifies its origin and quality.

Cafe Real® Super Premium Selecto - This coffee is A hand picked Arabica Borbon 100% Pure Puerto Rico Coffee cultivated and completely elaborated in the farm in the humid cool mist of the high altitude rain forest mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico. Our coffee is of exceptional qualities, that surpass the qualities of other more expensive coffees being sold online as Gourmet, yet CAFÉ REAL® is modestly priced and more affordable.

Our coffee can be ordered ROASTED GROUND or ROASTED BEANS:
  • GREEN BEANS – (Sorry! not available until further notice) carefully hand picked Arabica berries are selected for our Café Real® and the key to our success – the superior quality of our beans will be evident the moment your roast begins to pop the first crack and the aroma that’s produced will fill the air. For the freshest aroma and taste we recommend you only roast and grind enough beans for a weekly supply of ground coffee. Roasting and grinding your own beans is the best method that coffee connoisseurs know that will assure you the freshest aroma and taste for that delightful cup of coffee. GREEN BEANS ship out faster so they will get to your door sooner.
  • ROASTED BEANS – We roast medium dark to dark which is the preferred Puerto Rican style of roasting. The roasted beans are ready for your particular style of grinding. You can grind very fine for that perfect espresso shot that will give you that chocolaty aftertaste that will stay in your palate for awhile. Please allow more time for a fresh batch of ROASTED BEANS to reach you.
  • ROASTED GROUND – perfectly roasted medium-dark to dark and ground Puerto Rican style suitable for all kinds of methods of brewing a delicious cup of coffee. This coffee is ready for brewing the best cup o’joe you have been craving.

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We only sell Café Real de Puerto Rico®. The coffee we sell is guaranteed to contain 100% carefully selected Arabica coffee beans cultivated in farms in Maricao, and Jayuya, Puerto Rico. It's guaranteed to be PURE puerto rican Coffee NOT from substitute beans. We do not buy coffee beans from other countries. We take pride in our work and ethics to provide the best coffee you will ever have. Guaranteed. If you are looking for coffee sold in supermarkets in Puerto Rico, you are in the wrong place, we do not sell those labels because we can't guarantee the origin or content of those brands.  We do not sell coffee from the big roasting companies. We only sell coffee that we can guarantee to be from local farmers in Puerto Rico. You will not find the following coffee brands in our website because we do not know the origin of the beans they use: Cafe Yaucono, Yauco Selecto or Select, Cafe Rico, Cafe Crema, Cafe Pilon, Cafe Bustelo, Cafe el Morro, Alto Grande, Cafe Rioja, Cafe El Coqui, Monte Bello, Tres Picachos, Rubi, Oro Negro, and other brands of big roasters sold in supermarkets. The coffee we sell is cultivated in the mountain shade at high altitudes of the coffee producing towns located in the west end of the Cordillera Central of the island. The best Arabica coffee is grown in Maricao, Jayuya, Ciales, Utuado, Adjuntas, Las Marias, Lares and some of Yauco. You can only get this guaranteed coffee online through this website. Café Real de Puerto Rico® with the taste and aroma of pure mountain grown Puerto RIco coffee.