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FreeCOFFEE giveaway Rules

Some basic rules to participate: (check often as rules are subject to change)

1. The date of the drawings will be listed in the WINNERS CIRCLE below
2. All our customers and FB fans will be automatically entered to participate on every FreeCOFFEE giveaway
3. The deadline to become a customer or FB fan to participate in the FreeCOFFEE giveaway is 5:PM ET on the day of the drawing
4. To participate you must click on the “Like” button that’s at the top of the official Facebook fan page to become a fan or place an order to become a customer.
5. The winner will be announced after 5:PM ET on the day of the drawing and you will have 5 days thereafter to claim the prize. Your winning will be voided if you do not respond back and claim the prize before 5:PM ET on the specified deadline. An announcement with the name of the lucky fan will be posted on our Facebook fan page WALL and on the WINNERS CIRCLE below. It's your responsibility to read our Facebook fan page wall messages within 5 days after the scheduled giveaway to ascertain the name of the winner and/or visit this webpage and see the WINNERS CIRCLE below.
6. The name of the lucky fan will appear in the WINNERS CIRCLE below.
7. You must be a real person with a real person name to be eligible to participate and win the FreeCOFFEE giveaway. No nick names like “Captain Yellow” or "La Comay", etc. will be eligible to win.
8. When you claim the prize if your real name does not match your facebook name we will email you to verify your identity. We need to make sure the free coffee goes to the rightful winner. Please claim your prize using the name you used to become our fan.
9. The "shipped free to your door" applies only to addresses served by the U.S. Postal Service in the U.S. and its territories.
10. This offer may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of
11.  To claim your prize:
You must respond back by filling out the contact form at…/pacontact1formycaptcha.html and tell us whether you'd like 2 pounds of ground coffee or 2 pounds of roasted beans.


NEXT FreeCOFFEE giveaway will be February 29, 2016

December 20, 2010 = Yolanda Molina Robledo
January 28, 2011 = Claritza Cuadra - v
February 28, 2011 = Nancy Molina - v
March 28, 2011 = Kathryn Johnson-Thompson - v
May 2, 2011 = Joyce Meadows
July 1, 2011 = Jaime Lopez - v
August 31, 2011 = this FreeCOFFEE giveaway is canceled due to Hurricane Irene
September 30, 2011 = Nate Kennedy
December 6, 2011 = Felix Rivera, Jr.
February 9, 2012 = Belen Maldonado - v
April 9, 2012 = Norma Rivera Perez - v
September 30, 2012 = Danesh Sujanani - v
December 9, 2012 = Sigrid Collazo-Norfleet - v
April 12, 2014 = Celeste Rivera Nunez - v
December 29, 2014 = Eric E. Agosto - v
February 28, 2015 = Danny Rivera - v
April 30, 2015 = Mildred De Jesus - v
May 30, 2015 = Bill Barton - v
September 26, 2015 = Royce Earp
October 29, 2015 = Jason Mattingly - v
November 27, 2015 = Loren Feingold - v
February 29, 2016 = Mick Gruemmer - You've won 2 lbs of free coffee; please claim your prize

Next FreeCOFFEE giveaway will be announced

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